Style Guru Bio: Delanie Carney

My name is Delanie and I am a junior at Boston University majoring in Public Relations. Originally a city girl from Chicago, I have always had a thing for fashion. My friends have coined my wardrobe to consist of three main colors: black, grey and purple, and as I do love my staple colors, I love the creativity behind adding that extra splash of color to any outfit.

Attending Boston University has been a different experience for me; it has actually caused me to take a deeper look into the fashion world. With all the colleges in the Boston area, there is such an international and diverse crowd here in Boston, and all the Fashionistas/Fashionistos brought their styles from around the globe with them. Red Sox red and Celtics green aren't the only colors that flow through this city – the international runways of Commonwealth Avenue and Newbury Street in Boston can at times be as exciting as Fashion Week. It is always a sight to see.

I’m excited to start sharing my fashion finds here at BU with all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

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