Style Guru Bio: Devon Guralnick

Hi, my name is Devon Guralnick and I am a sophomore at GW majoring in International Affairs. Although my major may seem far from the world of fashion, it is one of my greatest interests. I believe fashion is a way of expressing your personality and it is found anywhere and everywhere in all different variations. Growing up in Hong Kong, Singapore and London, along with traveling, has greatly influenced my curiosity with fashion.

My style can be best described as a mix between edgy and clean-cut. Accessories are my favorite parts of an outfit, specifically the scarf. I think I can honestly say you will almost always see me wearing a scarf whether it is a thick knit or an elegant silk one – I believe it pulls everything together and completes an outfit. I love the classic style of fashion icons new and old such as Grace Kelly and Victoria Beckham, while another half of me simply adores the Olsen twins and Kate Moss. I love to spend my time flipping through Vogue or browsing blogs online. In this day and age the ever-changing styles can be best found on everyday people all around you. Open your eyes and experiment – you can be inspired anywhere!

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