Style Guru Bio: Eden White

My name is Maude White and I am thrilled to begin my first semester (summer nonetheless!) as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!

I’m a senior at Boston University’s College of Communication, majoring in Journalism with a concentration in magazine editorial, and minoring in Art History. While I’m still trying to unearth my niche in the world of communications, I’ve no doubt that fashion will find its way into both my professional and personal life somehow.  Whether writing features for Vogue or Vanity Fair, handling press for big clients during fashion week or helping to build a brand for an up and coming cultural icon, I want to make a statement with everything I do. In many ways this is how I’ve come to understand the world of fashion; you’re always giving someone a first impression, and those are seldom forgotten.

I would describe my style as preppy with a bit of a twist. Bits and pieces of the fashion senses of those around me inspire me, but I certainly believe in the power of the classic piece; a great pair of jeans, a fitted blazer or a crisp button down. Building upon those staples, I’m a sucker for statement jewelry, scarves and wedges. These are the pieces that tell a story and add personality to a killer outfit.

My favorite piece that I try and incorporate in all of my outfits is my grandfathers' Grumps high school football and UPenn fraternity charm bracelet that my mom had made. It speaks to the “preppy” style that I love not to mention it looks great paired with piles of bracelets and a large-faced watch. I'm also reminded of my family every time I wear it, and my outfit becomes a very personal thing. Fashion has never been a sterile, emotionless void and often the best looks come from a very personal place, rather than the racks of a shopping mall.

I’ve always had a great love of fashion, and more importantly, people and cultures. I had the opportunity to grow up over seas and seeing people on the street, their clothes tell different stories. What someone wears speaks to the kind of person they are and street style is by far the most honest representation of that. I’m always looking for new trends and inspiration from my fellow Fashionistas and I’m excited to hear the stories behind their looks!

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