Style Guru Bio: Elizabeth Taufield

My name is Elizabeth and I’m thrilled to be back on board with CollegeFashionista to report the fall fashion at George Washington University. I had an inspiring summer spotting and capturing the finest street style in New York City as well as interning on the Web team at Tory Burch Corporate. I learned and became fascinated by the power of social media. I find it enthralling how many designs are now influenced by urban street style, thanks to bloggers. While one of my favorite pastimes is flipping through the glamorous and glossy pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, this past year I have also incorporated the blogging world into this mix. Some of my favorite blogs include, The Satorialist, WhoWhatWear, The Man Repeller, and Fashiontoast. I have been so inspired by this new world, that I too, created a blog of my own: Cheap&Cheerful.

When people ask, “When did you become interested in fashion,” I really can’t give an accurate response. Since I can remember, fashion has always been an integral part of my life. I remember thinking my mother was the most fashionable and glamorous woman I had ever seen, and the opportunity to try on anything of hers was exhilarating. My style of dress consisted of sweet and colorful smock dresses, however, over time, I kissed my smock dresses au revoir as I started to find my true flair. I started fancying looser clothing with more of a bohemian feel. Dressing for comfort as well as for style became one of my big mantras. I’ve found being casual chic is when I feel most comfortable, literally and figuratively. I gravitate towards neutral tones, occasionally rocking pops of bold colors. My style could be classified as almost minimalistic, however, accessories are usually what completes my ensemble. Whether it be my shark tooth necklace I wear almost everyday, my leather pyramid cuff, my blue cocktail ring I usually bring out at night or a great pair of sunglasses, it is these accents that help finish off my look.

I am constantly on the hunt for inspiration. However, more often than not, I hardly need to look far. My inspiration ranges depending on the day. One day it could be something as simple as a sequin on a dress and the next day it could be a photo of Lauren Hutton, or a scene from Annie Hall. I have also been heavily influenced from traveling. There is something so incredibly chic about a Parisian woman.

I have always been enamored by the ‘60s and ‘70s – a time I feel captured “effortlessly chic” almost perfectly. Something about Bridget Bardot and Ali MacGraw’s understated glamour is still infectious and inspiring to this day.

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