Style Guru Bio: Emari Parsons

I’m an aspiring fashion writer from Brooklyn, New York whose life is based around creativity. Fashion and art were always viewable from right outside my window, but the appreciation for the two came later on. As a young teenager in junior high school, due to my size, the fit of my clothing was often baggy. My slim, narrow shape and my  height of 5 feet caused my clothing to be unflattering. After all, I was only about 100 pounds! I then thought to myself, “Why don’t you make your own clothes?” At the time I had no sense of design and I didn’t know how to sew or sketch. But everything happens for a reason. To make a long story short, with the help of a high school sewing class, my first sewing machine brought by my father and self teaching of sketching, pattern design and basic sewing techniques I got into The Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design (AAS degree program).

As my sewing skills sharpened, my design aesthetic grew with it. The overall aspect of  Fashion became one of my biggest interests. Color stories, trends and inspiration is three of things that excite me the most. Amazing designers that I look up to are Lanvin, Thakoon and Oscar de la Renta. As you can see, my sense of design and style is versatile. Fashion design not only taught me techniques, but also taught me how to work under pressure and make deadlines. I can say that it was one of the hardest things I did in my life.

After graduating in May 2011 and having the experience of an apparel design internship at Notations Clothing Co., I noticed that the fashion industry changed. Therefore, I redirected my career choice and turned my focus on writing. Continuing with my passion for writing was like revisiting my childhood. The effect of writing is what really motivated me to begin in the first place. Writing changes perspectives, makes affective changes, generates humor and creates entertainment. I hope that my writing voice carries out these qualities and becomes important to you. I enjoy writing and reading all types of articles from fashion to art to regular news stories. With my background in Fashion Design I decided that I want to be a fashion writer for either Elle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue or Lucky magazine. After all my career will be pretty awesome if I incorporate both my passions. Currently, I go to school for Advertising Marketing Communications which focuses on marketing, advertising, public relations and journalism. As I continue to live out my two biggest interests, writing and fashion, I hope that you, as my audience, enjoy reading about it.

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