Style Guru Bio: Emily Burdett

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed dressing up. For my dance recitals, I relished the moments when I got to wear glittery tutus, bright leotards, fun hair accessories and satin gloves. Although, you won’t find me wearing stuff like this down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, I do love making my daily ensemble something to look forward to. To me though, fashion isn’t just about getting dressed in the morning — I’m a firm believer that looking good will lead to feeling good! Having a strong fashion sense reveals your personality, mood and individuality; the best part about style is that everyone has a vastly different take on it.

Although I’m new to CollegeFashionista, I’ve been dabbling in different parts of the fashion industry for awhile now. Coming from Ithaca, New York (not one the most fashionable places in the world), I started working at Urban Outfitters to gain perspective on the retail side of fashion. Let me just tell you, working there is one of the most challenging jobs ever because I have to resist spending my entire paycheck buying everything in the store. I interned in the Garment District of NYC this summer, and saw some of the inner workings of a small fashion accessories company. It was awesome to see where so many businesses have to start out before they become a well-known brand! Living in the city gave me the opportunity to people watch like nowhere else and spy on all the outlandish and crazy cool styles. Lastly, I’ve done some photo shoots and fashion shows which have been awesome experiences in themselves! Who doesn’t want to walk down the runway?

So clearly, I’m quite obsessed with the industry and can’t wait to do more with it. I’m so excited to see what fall has to bring to the table this season at Boston University. You can find me going to my business classes in a professional suit with a pop of colorful heels, heading to work in a great pair of True Religion jeans, a classic blazer with some cowboy boots and funky jewelry, or just hanging out with my sorority sisters in a maxi dress and a cropped jean jacket.

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