Style Guru Bio: Emma Kantrowitz

Hi fashion lovers! My name is Emma Kantrowitz and I am entering into my sophomore year at the University of Maryland. I'm a Journalism major who hopes to one day write for a fashion or food magazine. I view fashion as a way to not only express ourselves, but as a way to stay connected to our society. Thus, I feel it is important to put together outfits from multiple stores and designers, therefore creating a look that is unique. It would be difficult to describe my style as simply "hipster" or "preppy," because some days I'm loving loose, flowing dresses with gladiator sandals, and the next day I'm all about blazers and crisp white tops. My favorite places to find pieces to match any of my fashion moods are Forever21, thrift stores, Anthropologie, Nordstroms, and J.Crew. My favorite places to find style inspiration are blogs, magazines (Vogue is a personal necessity), and from other people I see.

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