Style Guru Bio: Emma Norris

My name is Emma and I'm a student of New Media & English at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I've spent the last year writing fashion articles for my college newspaper, An Focal, and writing my own personal blog at The Magic Position, focusing on fashion, LGBTQ issues, and my misadventures in college. I'm nearly twenty-one and about to enter my third year of college and a semester abroad in Scotland.

I'm in love with anything and everything that's a little bit different, including hairy armpits, gapped teeth, and clashing patterns. I always want to stand out from the crowd with what I wear and when I see other people doing the same, I swoon. I love when people express themselves through their clothes. I'm not as concerned with fashion as I am with style: I'm drawn to ghetto sports style and indie granddad jumpers. I like style that tells me about your culture and tells me what kind of person you are.

Growing up in a small town where fashion extended to a body con dress and stilettos on a Saturday night, I've always loved style that's slightly left of center. I've always dressed a bit differently: I remember being mocked by my classmates at age fourteen on a non-uniform day at school. Nowadays though, my sense of fashion is more in tune with what's actually in fashion, and so I don't look so bizarre in my hometown.

Fashion at the University of Limerick is a little bit timid and I aim to showcase those brave souls who express themselves through their clothes.

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