Style Guru Bio: Hannah Smith

There are many reasons for my giddiness about fashion. I love the third Thursday of every month when People Style Watch comes out to see the latest trends and steals. I was obsessed when I spent time abroad in Italy to find all those vintage shops full of beautiful pieces. And I get so much joy from helping style clients at the local boutique I have worked at over the years in my hometown of Chicago. I love all levels of fashion, from couture to department store, and trendy to classic. I use media, shopping trips, and other fashionistas to get my own inspiration. Although my style is constantly growing, I would characterize myself as a girly prep that loves color and print.

As June approaches, I’m wrapping up my junior year at the University of Denver. Although bittersweet, I’m welcoming this summer with new opportunities to blog for College Fashionista, showcasing my trends on Style Advice of the Week. After my stint abroad, I learned the value in keeping a travel blog, which sparked my interest in fashion blogs. It has now become a true hobby of mine along with photography, being outdoors, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Being a city girl myself, of course I love dressing outside of the box with cheetah heels or maybe a high-low dress (as pictured) but after living in ‘granola central’ Colorado I learned that every closet has its essentials too. I have my fair share of skinny jeans and JCrew V-necks, but I can’t help but dazzle things up with neon necklaces and sparkly headbands to show a bit of my personal style. Don’t be fooled by my pursuit for a business degree or my sorority shirts… I truly am a connoisseur for fashion. One day, I hope to make it to NYC and share my creativity but for now I’m just paving my way into the fashion houses one Tory Burch flat at a time.

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