Style Guru Bio: Jaclyn Sayegh

My name is Jaclyn Sayegh and I am currently a junior working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology in lovely New York City. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Manhattan but inevitably found my way to the big city where I dove feet first into the plethora of opportunities that the city has to offer in the fashion industry.

Since moving into New York City, I have enjoyed two incredible internships that have allowed me to get a taste for the industry. The first with celebrity stylist, interior designer and TV show host extraordinaire, Robert Verdi, and the second in the fashion closet at one of my personal favorites, Marie Claire magazine. As glamorous as they seem, both positions required a lot of hard, roll-up your silk printed sleeves, type of work, but gave me invaluable experience and insight into the nitty gritty world of New York fashion. I am so excited to add yet another position to my list as I begin capturing the ever-chic fashions around the FIT campus for CollegeFashionista. I consider myself lucky to attend a school so saturated with subjects of unique and interesting personal style. Not a day goes by that I do not experience a bit of outfit envy as I roam the streets of campus and then incorporate such inspirations into my own styling choices.

True to my New York background, I would describe my personal style as city chic and feminine with a touch of trendiness and an unwavering undertone of timelessness. I tend to invest in key pieces to keep my wardrobe classic and add trendy accessories to have fun and keep my outfits current. A girl can never go wrong when she’s got on a classic black blazer and a pair of dark wash skinnies with a pair of killer pumps top it all off. I find beauty in simplicity. I also believe that it is every girl’s duty to express herself through her wardrobe. I treat each new day as if it is a blank canvas and my closet is the palette of colors (although if this were literal, my canvas would almost always be black…hey, it’s New York.) I often surprise myself with all of the new apparel concoctions I come up with when I sit for a while and play with my wardrobe, pairing things together that I never have before.

It is this cyclic, boundless element of fashion that has drawn me to it so strongly and has provoked me to seek a career in the industry. I hope that my time as a style guru will help me continue on my path, allowing me to share my weekly inspirations with fellow Fashionistas and learn an unexpected thing or two along the way.

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