Style Guru Bio: Jasmyn Hunter

From a young age I have always been interested in fashion. From flicking through my mothers glossies to visiting the zoo in my dungarees and pearls, it has become an everyday obsession. In fact, nowadays, when I am not studying, you will most likely find me sitting in a cafe, rain pouring, blogging, purchasing or talking about the latest cutting edge trends.

My name in Jasmyn Hunter and I am a second year Fashion Business student at Glasgow Caledonian University. It is a demanding and exciting course combining my love of fashion with the necessary business skills needed to enter into the ever famously competitive environment- something I hope to achieve on completion of my degree.

I have worked in retail from the impressionable age of 14, and seeing different clothing and brands come in ever day, not to mention customers, whose tastes and personal style was all so electric, was a truly enriching experience. Even today, scouring blogs has become a hobby, allowing me a sneak peak into the fashionable lives of individuals, all with varying tastes, inspiring my personal wardrobe choices.

I must admit, I am not a strict follower of trends. I prefer to focus on quality, comfort and colour. Don't get me wrong, if something I wear happens to be bang on-trend then brilliant, but it doesn't keep me up at night. I am a lover of classic tailored looks and am particularly infamous within my inner circle as having exceptionally expensive taste. Perhaps one day I will make enough money to fully satisfy this taste, but for the meantime, I am happy to pound high street for bank balance friendly alternatives! This is just one of the reasons I so look forward to sharing with you, the many beautiful and colourful looks the people of Scotland have to offer.

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