Style Guru Bio: Jay Schwartz

Fashion isn’t just for girls. College campuses forget this all too often; guys can wear more than sweat pants and sweat shirts and sweat — anything. But where does masculinity fit in an industry of pretty and chic? That’s where I step in.

I’ve been fashionably conscious for about six years now (that’s like 35 in girl years) and for a boy, I’m pretty proud of it. It started when I bought one plaid shirt that I got way too many compliments on, and now I can’t get my hands off clothing. I’m a suspenders, bowtie and cardigan kind of Fashionisto. I was born and raised in Sleepy Hollow, NY, but lived most of my life in South Florida.  Now I’m back up north as a sophomore at Boston University double majoring in Journalism and Psychology. I have respect for men that know how to dress up, but even more respect for guys who know how to dress down. With a healthy obsession for textures and a high tolerance for bright colors, I keep my outfits bold, brave, and beautiful.

I’m so excited to become a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista because I think it’s about time guys start understanding that it’s okay to look good, and for girls to realize it’s okay for your man to look good, too. Today, it takes a lot of guts for a guy to walk into a clothing store, find a shirt and say just about anything except asking for its price. I can’t wait to start encouraging healthier relationships with wardrobes, because let’s face it, dressing is like eating; if you make the wrong choices you’re going to be single forever. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but these are our college years.  We deserve to be attractive.

Fashion is the art of looking good — or at least that’s my manly definition of it. It doesn’t take a large vocabulary of foreign designers to know what clothes make you look like a million bucks. All you need is a discerning eye and a great website like CollegeFashionista to ground you in today’s trends and keep you from going all Gareth Pugh on us.


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