Style Guru Bio: Joanne Cazeau

My name is Joanne Cazeau and I am a sophomore at the George Washington University with an intended major in Speech Pathology.

Having been raised in Haiti for nearly half of my life, I have never proved a conformist to the norms of Western style and fashion. This understanding that my sense of style was always a bit “wacky”, for lack of a better word, prompted me to debut a fashion campaign, Fashion Forward, during my senior year of high school, which aimed at making personal style a personal choice.

Today, my style is best described as “urban prep,” a creative mix between the edginess of urban style and culture, and the ever-so elegant and neat “preppy” look. I draw most of my inspiration from the traditions and styles that can be observed in my own culture – the Haitian culture, and the loud and bold prints in its traditional clothing. Instead of the popular fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Seventeen, I prefer to draw my inspiration from Tumblr-like blogs, and street fashion photos that I come across.

I am also an avid thrifter, and I am less than ashamed of it; I believe that trends have a way of being “resurrected” at different points in time, and what better way to participate than to don vintage pieces?

Needless to say, I am very excited to embark on this journey as a contributor to CollegeFashionista’s “LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS” and I cannot wait to see what DC has in store for me!

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