Style Guru Bio: Jordan Brausen

Fellow Fashionistas/os: Hello! My name is Jordan Brausen, I am a second year student at FIDM studying Merchandise Marketing, and currently reside in Downtown Los Angeles. My experience at FIDM thus far has been nothing but positive. The teachers, the community, and the services that FIDM provides for its students is impeccable. It was through school that I was able to acquire my current internship at Vivienne Westwood’s showroom. I have been working there since January and have loved each moment of it. On top of going to school and interning, I also am going on my second year of working at Anthropologie. I come from a small town thirty minutes north of San Francisco, called Petaluma; it's there where cows, chickens, and the sense of a small community rein all. It made me realize at a young age that there is so much more to the world than just a small town. I needed adventure and excitement. Lately, I can be seen wearing oversized knitted sweaters, a pair of high-waisted shorts, and my ever-so-worn black vintage cowboy boots. Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, as well as knight cat and Fashiontoast seem to be my latest inspiration. Fashion has always been apart of my life. Luckily enough, my mother is a French teacher, and a hip one at that. She brought me up around fashion and the art of good window shopping. I am ecstatic to join the team of Style Gurus, and further my knowledge of the fashion industry. Until then, adieu!  

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