Style Guru Bio: Julie Kosin

Hello Fashionistas,

As a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, my love of fashion doesn’t get quite the appreciation one would hope for (as my good friend once put it “we’re a sweatpants and leggings type of people”). I’ve been a life-long lover of fashion, much thanks to easy access to my extremely stylish grandmother’s closet and jewelry drawers. I’m currently a freshman Magazine Journalism student at Syracuse University, where I hope to hone my writing passion so that I can one day fuse it with my love for fashion as editor at a fashion magazine.

One of my favorite aspects of this industry is street style. I believe that personal style is even more important than what designers and editors tell you to wear, because it’s a way of revealing one’s personality and expressing oneself. Whenever I go anywhere, I am constantly observing what others are wearing, and draw a lot of inspiration for my own wardrobe by doing this. I can’t wait to share my finds with you!

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