Style Guru Bio: Kate Yang

Hi, I’m Kate, and I will be beginning my sophomore year at Duke this fall. My love for fashion goes beyond just wearing it. My creativity sprouted as a third grader, when I created pouches and purses out of old jean pockets. I would hand sew (not so well, I might add) on appliqué and beading to adorn them. Over the years, however, my abilities evolved into tailoring and transforming skirts into shirts and visa versa, and eventually it became a passion. I made my first dress from scratch in my junior year of high school, and that prom night marked one of the most momentous occasions in my life.

As far as my style, I embrace trends without wearing anything too far out of my element. Since I adore florals, I never fail to show off my femininity. After all, dresses are my favorite clothing items, and paired with heels, they make me feel unstoppable. Although I am known to splurge on an occasional designer piece, my closet is overflowing proof of my bargain shopping skills.

I can’t wait to share my fashion point-of-view and provide a look into Duke's fashionable campus!

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