Style Guru Bio: Katherine Qiao

Hello, fellow fashion enthusiasts!

My name is Katherine, a senior journalism student at Purdue University. This will be my second term writing for College Fashionista and I thrilled at the new adventure ahead.

One of my most enjoyable times within my entire weekly routine is to spot fashion influencers across streets and report features on trends. For me, this is more a process of sharing inspirations and experiences than simply taking pictures and writing. The personal statement outfits, from accessories to shoes, from makeup to nail polish, all figure Fashionista’s attitudes and tastes towards fashion. I always admire for people who have strong dressing personality such as fashion icon Alexa Chung and legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Last summer, I got a chance to intern at Esquire magazine, a men's magazine ranked in 2nd place in selling volume in Asia area. The internship was astonishing! It offered me a great opportunity to access fashion industry and some larger – than – life designers, moreover, the professional dedications of all the fashion insiders. A magazine is not merely a copy of several posts and photographs, it is a lamp that guides and changes the world.

I love accessories. Rings, belts, hats and bold metal necklaces are my favorite and can be my statement jewels. I would like to describe my personal style as vintage, but ever – changing based on the latest trend and inspirations enlightened by street Fashionistas. For this semester, I look forward to share with you guys some fashion tidbits and how students in Midwest area walk their runways!

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