Style Guru Bio: Katie Bachler

Hello! I am Katie Bachler, an incoming sophomore at Elon University in North Carolina. I am pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications and plan on working in Public Relations or Advertising in my future. I am a native Chicagoan so adjusting to the beautiful southern seasons has been an interesting but refreshing transition.

Like most, I am a huge fan of summer not only for the carefree lifestyle but also the cool looks it brings about. I love adapting trends into outfits and I think that summer is a perfect time to rock them. Summer is a season where everyone is allowed an escape from the reality of school (my apologies to those of you stuck taking summer courses) and experiment with creating and altering your own personal style.

As for my style, I am a very inspired shopper. I get a lot of my inspiration from films ranging from Love Story starring Ali McGraw to Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan. I also follow many fashion blogs such as Atlantic-Pacific and Brooklyn Blonde. While I admire these style icons for their daring fashion looks, I personally take more subtle risks with my clothing.

I think colors make a look standout and I am a huge fan of the bold hues. I make a point to vary the shades in my wardrobe and therefore have a very vibrant closet. I have also never grown out of my very elementary love of sparkles and shimmer. I adore intricate beading and cute sequined accessories . But despite my fascination with color and sequins, I love wardrobe staples. I am constantly on the hunt for a good pair of dark rinse jeans, ballet flats, boots and sweaters. I think having such staples is essential for a solid wardrobe, but I am constantly looking to evolve my fashion sense.

My personal style is a combination of classic, girly and vintage inspired looks. I look to people such as Olivia Palmero, Rachel Bilson, Kate Middleton and the eternal style of Audrey Hepburn, for inspiration. I admire these icons for their classy risk-taking.

I take the phrase “dress to impress” to heart. An outfit is the first impression the world has of you. I think people should have fun with their style playing around with accessories and interesting colors yet always dress with class. Fashion is a fun way to constantly both defy and re-defy your own style. One’s wardrobe is something very personal and expressive. I am looking forward to writing for Style Advice for the Week and putting Elon out there on the fashion map.

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