Style Guru Bio: Kendra Clapp

Now I don’t have to feel so bad about sleepless nights spent looking at magazines and fashion blogs. As a new CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I have the perfect excuse. I’m Kendra, a senior at the University of Michigan, double-majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish. My Spanish-speaking background is credited to my Mexican mother, who also serves as an inspiration for my style. I would describe my style as comfortably chic and eclectic. Usually when the word “comfortable” is thrown around in fashion, it’s often received negatively. However, I’m not talking about sweats-and-a-tee comfortable; I’m talking about fitted jeans, billowing blouses, and cute flats. Here I’m wearing BCBG casual trousers, which look and feel fantastic. I would also describe my style as androgynous, as I enjoy mixing masculine pieces with feminine details, or vice versa. In this outfit, I added long gold necklaces and bangles to my trousers and oversized watch. In the end, I always strive to have a unique style, as it is only pertinent to myself. I often channel my heritage through coral or turquoise jewelry or add vintage pieces. Here I’m wearing a beautiful coral-beaded necklace I found in Mexico along with a locket I bought at an auction- it still even contains the old photographs of its previous owners.

My style is also about the process of achieving it. I’m a self-proclaimed budget shopper that finds gratification in admitting I paid a fraction of the original price. My favorites stores are Zara, Nordstrom’s Rack, H&M, Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Macy’s. I have a few favorite online stores that I love to mosey and poke around in, however, I prefer getting up and going shopping. To me, fashion should represent more than just a click on a mouse but an experience in which I developed my own personal style.

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