Style Guru Bio: Kristina Yao

Fashion has endless possibilities – it has no boundaries. When I was young, I didn't have a strong liking towards clothes (crazy, right?). It might even surprise you to hear me say that back then, shopping was a bore. I just did not understand it. However, one day I woke up and it hit me. I started thinking about how I dressed and the countless ways that I could mix and match to create an outfit. Over the years, I have realized that fashion is a whole different world — a world that I have grown to love.

I currently attend Baruch College in New York City. Last spring, I landed my first fashion internship where I had the opportunity to intern for a showroom and to experience how a part of the fashion industry works. I am majoring in marketing with the hopes of one day working at Vogue or even for my favorite designer: Alexander Wang.

Walking in the city from one block to the next, I am always admiring people’s style. There are so many various styles and personalities out there and I find it fun to admire them all. It is hard to describe my personal style because I always love to try new things. It can depend on my mood, the occasion, the weather and so many other factors. I draw inspiration from runways, magazines and street style. I love incorporating new trends into my outfits and taking on challenges. My style has changed tremendously over the years from my high school days until now, which is what I love about fashion – it is one of the greatest forms of expressions. My personality has changed from when I was young and my style has evolved with me. 

I stumbled upon CollegeFashionista when searching to see different styles of other students at my college. Being in a business school, I always wondered who else here loves fashion just as much as I do. I cannot wait to find fellow students who share my passion and to share it with the rest of you. I look forward to gaining new knowledge and experiences during my time here and I am extremely excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.

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