Style Guru Bio: Laura Childs

My name is Laura Childs and I like paradoxes. I like to break the rules of fashion: long dresses in the rain, maxi skirts with cropped tops, black and navy, short-shorts with an oversized blazer, white after Labor Day — I’ll break them all. I think breaking the rules is really what’s at the heart of fashion.

Having style doesn’t come from slipping into an outfit straight off the runway; rather, it’s about interpreting that runway look into every day life. It’s about piecing together an ensemble that shines a light into a different world and it’s about creating individuality in a world of commonality. That’s why I decided to be a Style Guru this semester. As I enter my final year at Boston University, I’m excited to find those Fashionistas who carry their heart on their sleeve, pun intended.

As for me, I draw my inspiration from my surroundings. I’ll find myself getting dressed the morning after watching Almost Famous and putting on high-waisted, wide-leg jeans and teashade sunglasses. Or I’ll stumble upon an old T-shirt and adapt it to my life today. Inspiration comes from everywhere: movies, books, nature, art, music and friends.

As the summer winds down, I can’t wait to start fall off right by bringing STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK every Monday. Stay tuned for runway trends interpreted for student life and street-style fashion that pushes the boundaries. And by the end of the semester, while Labor Day will have come and gone, I’ll probably still be wearing white. After all, aren’t rules made to be broken?

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