Style Guru Bio: Laura Iglehart

My name is Laura Iglehart and I am a freshman at George Washington University. With my first semester under my belt I am looking forward to sharing emerging spring fashions with you!

Like many of my fellow Fashionista/os, I have been influenced by street style. There is no one fashion icon I idolize, rather, I look to my peers, as well as to online sites and blogs. People like Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and Garance Doré have opened my eyes to the beauty of “average” people.

In many ways I think my mother raised me to be a Fashionista. Fond of fashion herself, she would always meticulously choose and layout my outfits for the following day. At the time I felt out of place not wearing popular trends such as bejeweled jeans or Birkenstocks like the rest of my friends. But today, I attribute my fashionable upbringing to my refined sense of style. Rather than following trends, I tend to choose certain elements from popular trends and incorporate them into my daily uniform. For instance, the menswear look may have come and gone, but I still enjoy wearing my penny loafers and blazers to class.

I attended a New England boarding school, and although we did not have uniforms our dress code was limited. Being surrounded by my über-preppy classmates, I gravitated towards a Parisian chic look, not too risky for school, but different from the standard dress. My go-to designers include Céline, Isabel Marant and IRO. Some of my favorite staples are, of course, my penny loafers and navy and black blazers, in addition to skinny jeans, chinos and simple, preferably striped, t-shirts and pullovers. On any given day of the week you will find me wearing something leopard, whether it be my bangle, a scarf or a pair of flats, leopard is my must-have.

For the past two summers, I have interned at CAPITOL, a high-end women’s boutique, in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. The three most important things I have learned are as follows: 1) Oscar de la Renta can make any woman, young or old, large or small, look her best. His beautifully designed dresses and separates define femininity. 2) If it fits, buy it in multiple colors. If those Yves Saint Laurent pumps make you look and feel like a million dollars, don’t be shy: buy the whole rainbow! 3) Less is more. Too many accessories can easily overpower an outfit. 

As I make my way through the evolving world of college fashion I hope to serve you, the readers, best as a conduit to the changing trends and styles here on the George Washington campus. Best wishes for a fabulous and fashionable spring semester!

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