Style Guru Bio: Lindsay Reed

As a sophomore Fashion Design student studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I think it is relatively safe to say that fashion is my life. I grew up in central New Jersey and would commute into New York City as often as possible to experience the stylish and sophisticated setting where dreams come to life. Now, I am finally living the dream! Whether I’m creating a new piece or shopping for the latest, trendiest clothes, fashion in always on my mind. I took fashion classes in high school and have been sewing since the age of 10. I have enjoyed putting outfits together in new ways and I have never been afraid to be the one whose clothing stands out.

My style may change constantly, but I always try to incorporate key trends while staying true to my personal style. I like to be a little edgy, a little girly, a little urban and overall chic. I find my inspiration from magazines, blogs and the people that surround me. I have definitely become a lot more aware of my style since moving to New York City, the fashion capital of the world.

After moving to New York, my wildest fashion dreams became reality. I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, as well as assist style photo shoots of new, upcoming designers. I can truly say there is no place I would rather be than New York. I mean, is there any better place to live when you want to enter the fashion industry? Simply walk out your door and there are endless possibilities at your doorstep. I am so excited to begin blogging for CollegeFashionista, and I am eager to see where my passion for fashion will take me!

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Lindsay Reed

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