Style Guru Bio: Lisa Brahm

When I think about how I would describe my personal style in one word, the first word that comes to mind is “ever-changing”, but technically that it two words, which leads me to believe my style is too complex to sum up in one simple word. I believe what a person chooses to wear should represent who they are. On a daily basis, I choose my outfits based on what inspires me and that inspiration is constantly changing. One day I may be inspired by a piece of art and throw on a floral print dress and feminine heels while the next day I might be inspired by a '90s grunge film and leave my house in combat boots, ripped jeans and a flannel. My style changes based on how I feel, and although the outfits I pull from my closet are often inspired by looks I see on the street or in a magazine, I always make the extra effort to walk out the door in an outfit that is simply an extension of who I am: a young energetic college student who loves taking photos, blogging, and getting lost in a good book. For me, fashion was somewhat hereditary and I would like to believe I started developing my personal style from a young age simply by watching my mother dress and accessorize herself and me before school every day. To this day, I trust my mother’s fashion sense enough to allow her to dress me from head to toe and am always calling her for quick style advice. When I am not seeking style advice from a magazine or from my own mom, I turn to the streets for inspiration. People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes and many of my personal outfit ideas are inspired by garments and accessories I spot on others while walking around campus. My love for street style is what drew me to CollegeFashionista and I am excited to venture across campus in search of Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike as a University of Iowa summer Style Guru.

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