Style Guru Bio: Madeline Jones

I am so excited for my second semester as a Style Guru.  These past few months I have been a little all over the place with my Style Advice column since I didn’t stay in one place for the entire summer, but now I can truly show you what the Fashionistas/os of Cornell University are wearing and representing.  It’s an eclectic campus, and “Cornellians” have a lot to say with the way we dress and accessorize.  Since I started at CollegeFashionista, street style trendspotting has become second nature to me.  Even when I don’t have an article due, I find myself picking out unique and creative people everywhere I go – it takes people watching to a new level. 

I am an Apparel Design major and Spanish minor, but I try to do as many different things on campus as possible with my precious spare time.  I like to play the bass guitar and hang out with my A Capella group, and obviously my favorite time of year is Cornell’s annual spring fashion show. If you ever feel like a trip to Ithaca, that is the weekend you should come!

My personal style is generally feminine and flowy with some quirks, but I like to dress just right for an event, so it can traverse all varieties of fashion terrain when I am on a mission to find the perfect look.  Dressing for success has actually been proven to improve performance (people wearing lab coats show significantly better results on attention-related tests than those in normal clothing!) so especially when I know I have a big day, I have to be dressed to a T.  Science backs it up.  Some of my favorite designers are Alice and Olivia, Chris Benz, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, Custo Barcelona, and Agatha de la Ruiz Prada, but these change line to line, season to season, and as I grow and change as a Fashionista.  All my love – Maddie

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