Style Guru Bio: Mara Berg

When I was five and jelly sandals were all the rage, my kindergarten teacher called me a Fashionista. Fourteen years later as a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in International Relations, not much has changed. Yes, leggings from Gap Kids have been replaced with jeggings by Joes Jeans, but my passion for expressing myself through clothing remains. Although my style is decidedly urban, my southern California upbringing heavily influences the contents of my closet. You will often catch me donning structured blazers and jackets, but I have not shed all of my West coast roots – I always make prim pieces more laid back by pairing them with casual flannel or distressed boots.

This is my second semester interning as a Style Guru and, during the past season of style spotting, I developed a hypothesis about fashion. I believe that style tells a story. It shows where you come from, where you are in life, and what trends speak to you the most. This hypothesis does not apply solely to me. Every day I see stylish students from all over the globe strutting down Commonwealth Avenue, mixing their own backgrounds with newfound East Coast flair. I look forward to uncovering the fashion formula that so many BU students seem to live by.  

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