Style Guru Bio: Marko Alejo

Fashion is an art form, something we all have the ability to create – designers, models, photographers and editors build the backbone of this industry. My job as a Style Guru is synonymous with that of a curious observer, actively reporting from the runways to the sidewalks and the inspiring muses in-between.

I am Marko Alejo and I have been writing for CollegeFashionista for almost two years. I am the Mickey-eared, sushi fed, valley-boy playing hop scotch all over Los Angeles. My style is a twist of the basic, preppy classics with the grit of the Americana essentials. When it comes to those who inspire me, I look for those with genuine aspirations and iconic vision. I believe these qulaities are adjacent to donning a fabulous ensemble on an everyday basis. Dedication to style is hard work, but the sincerity that it exudes is worth the effort.

As a FIDM Alum, graduated with degree in Visual Communications, I've put some internships beneath my belt. Working for the company, Madewell, as a visual associate I learned the techniques and art of layering – and most importantly sticking to your roots to build upon.  Now I have just been hired by Burberry, I am excited to exercise my capabilities and reach higher goals. Our youth is the time to open new doors, max out our credit cards, extend our limits and really show who we can and will be! There will come a point when I will be able to look back with a grin and murmur, “When I was young.” But until then, I only have this moment to create, explore and style on.

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