Style Guru Bio: Marlene Alvarez

Born in Los Angeles, Calif. and raised in Baltimore, Md., I've always had a love for cities- the hustle and bustle, the eccentric people, the diverse culture, there's nothing I don't love about cities! So it comes as no surprise that I’ve always had a strong passion for culture, shopping and anything that remotely encompasses the fashion world.

Although I diverted from my love of cities when I chose to go to school in the South, I've still remained a fervent fashion enthusiast. I've even learned how to experiment with different styles and combine southern charm with city chicness.

This upcoming fall I will be a senior at UNC-CH and I’m definitely looking forward to entering the realms of the fashion industry as a public relations professional. Although I'm not quite sure where this career choice will lead me, I'm completely certain that I will eventually make my way back to the West Coast. 

As a fashion aficionado and a college student, I’m extremely excited to expose other Fashionistas to unique, stylish trends on campus and even better, give advice on how to be fashionable while maintaining a college student budget! 

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