Style Guru Bio: Maya Jiménez

My name is Maya Jiménez and this fall I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain! I've never been to Europe, so I'm as excited as ever to embark on this life-changing journey.

I'm a senior in Boston University's College of Communication, majoring in Photojournalism with a minor in Hispanic Language & Literature. I'm an aspiring fashion photographer and have been for quite some time. CollegeFashionista has given me the opportunity to explore a completely different side of fashion photography that I barely knew existed. I'm excited to share some of it with you! I also have an avid love for the music industry, live music and concert photography. Living in Boston and volunteering at our radio station, WTBU, has given me an opportunity to attend shows and take lots of photos.

Although the summer is my favorite season by far, the fall is a wonderful time for fashion. People break out their nicest outerwear and cable knits, making for an extremely lovely color palette walking down the street. I love huge, wool coats and heavy leather jackets for the colder days. I also love bundling up with scarves and gloves for my morning commute. Beanies and knit turbans are also great options to keep your head warm, especially in the snow.

There are certain things you can learn in school, but having the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin and to be able to wear whatever you want to wear is something you must teach yourselves. I'm a firm believer in trendsetting and finding inspiration in the world around us. I seldom seek approval from other people for my fashion choices and no one else should try to do so either. I also try to remember that we are our harshest critics when I can't get the perfect ponytail or when my dress just doesn't fall the way I want it to. Being in such a tech-heavy world, we often don't pick our heads up as we text-walk to class. My advice for this fall is to put your phones away on your way to class and breathe in some fresh air for a change. Hopefully the season changes will inspire you to try something new every day!


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