Style Guru Bio: Meghan Medford

Growing up in Austin, Texas, I was exposed to a colorful atmosphere of artists, musicians and people from all walks of life. I became accustomed to the bright patterns, bold prints and wild colors (especially in reference to hair dyes) of Austinites and their passion for dressing in whichever way they pleased. This blend of cultures, styles and fashions, mixed with the more conservative tastes of the suburb in which I lived, enabled me from a very young age to see fashion as an expression of myself – continually changing and evolving with each of life's milestones.

At 21 years of age, I am now a transplant from the rolling hills of Texas to the most beautiful city on the plains, Auburn, Alabama. Currently in my senior year of Apparel Merchandising at Auburn University, I hope to soon focus my efforts on a career in the visual merchandising industry. Being uprooted from the hippie-haven that is Austin, to live in this conservative southern state has been a shock to say the least (I’m still doing my best to convince Alabamians that Mexican food is indeed the forgotten sixth food group). But it’s a culture and atmosphere that I have grown to love and appreciate and in turn it has pushed me to be more daring and adventurous in my styling.

My wardrobe varies almost daily. My closet is a chaotic blend of thrift store finds, expensive staple splurges and a wide array of everyday pieces that I can mix and match depending on how I’m feeling on a particular morning (when I roll out of bed ten minutes before class). A Pure Barre fanatic, I am frequently found guilty of wearing my Lululemon leggings with just about anything, including my favorite Free People tops, chunky, knit sweaters and worn-in Steve Madden leather boots. I am constantly trying to emulate the easy and comfortable yet chic look of my style icon Rachel Bilson, while adding my own funky statement jewelry I’ve collected from my grandmother’s exotic vacations, flea markets and, ok, maybe even a Halloween costume or two.

I’ve previously interned at an interior design firm for several years as well as been employed at a local Auburn boutique, Behind the Glass. Interior design challenges me to see clothing in a more structural and architectural way — styling outfits based on harmonious color combinations and a balance of lines and shapes.

My taste in trends and silhouettes may vary from time to time, but whether I’m sporting a classic, tailored blazer at a football game to cheer for the Auburn Tigers or a wild maxi dress to a fun concert in Austin, one thing will always be present — my own unique style.


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