Style Guru Bio: Melissa Higgins

My name is Melissa Higgins, and I am a sophomore at Fordham University, studying Communications and Media Studies, as well as a member of the Track & Field team. Despite the fact that a majority of my time is spent in Nike running shorts and Asics, living in New York City has unleashed my adoration of fashion and personal presentation. Perhaps it is due to my fleeting times spent in “real” clothes, rather than workout clothes that I find creating an outfit a fun and exciting daily ritual. I always appreciate well put-together pieces that accentuate a wearer’s shape as well as his or her personality. After all, personal style is an extension of ourselves.
To sum up my own personal style I would describe my clothing choices as prim and proper with touches of feminine flare. I am partial to the structured sophistication of blazers and collared blouses, as well as the clashing combination of lace and leather jackets. My closet is full of pieces that encompass a blend of both looks with a plethora of cuts and colors.
Fall 2012 marks my first semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, and I cannot wait to observe and highlight the fabulous trends that Fordham students are wearing around campus and throughout New York. We live in such an exciting city where fashion is celebrated and individuals are encouraged to embellish the latest trends with personal touches representative of themselves. I look forward to capturing and sharing this artistic celebration with the CollegeFashionista readers.

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