Style Guru Bio: Moll Levine

Hello CollegeFashionista followers! My name is Moll and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications at George Washington University.

Growing up, I attended a small private school in Connecticut with a strict dress code, and because of this I was always trying to push the boundaries. Our school stressed that in order to be a valuable member of the community, one must show respect towards the dress code. Consequently, items such as ripped denim, leggings, and cropped tops, some of my personal favorites, were all deemed inappropriate. What I ultimately took away from my high school dress code, aside from winning the yearbook superlative of “Most Dress Code Violations”, was that the clothes you choose to wear carry a certain power; they command the way you hold yourself, and the way others see you. I understand now that the best way to be truly stylish, and grab someone’s attention while still maintaining a sense of modesty, is to adopt your own take on trends.

Spending most of my time between Connecticut and New York City, my personal style reflects a hybrid between suburbs and city. I tend to gravitate toward classic silhouettes with a twist: muted colors and nautical accents, but edgy detailing like zippers and all things with studs. Some of my wardrobe staples are pieces that accomplish to draw from this juxtaposition of city versus country, such as my T by Alexander Wang dress with an A-symmetrical hem and my oversized specialty Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. I choose to accessorize with all things over-sized: big bags, big sweaters, and big jewelry, which are always in gold tones. Every day I wear a gold and jade ring of my grandmothers. It’s my good luck charm.

When it comes to day-to-day wear, I kid that all things considered, one is to suffer for fashion. Of course, this rule is applicable when it comes to sky high wedges, or fur that sheds- but when it comes down to being “on the go," I am a creature of comfort. Leggings are always my first pick, and all my t-shirts are soft and worn in. I typically wear tops that fall to the shoulder, or don’t cover too much of my neck. In the winter, the camel color of my favorite cashmere wrap complements all of my pieces of gold jewelry, and match well with my token brown leather equestrian riding boots.
When my closet feels dull, I draw ideas from my favorite blogs including JakandJil, The Satorialist, The Man Repeller, and Refinery29, all of which individually set their own tone for fashion, giving me an entire range of inspiration. These blogs feature some of my favorite designers such as Rick Owens, Rag & Bone, Proenza Schouler, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Rodarte, Inhabit, and Bottega Veneta, just to name a few.

Over the last two years, I have begun to immerse myself in the fashion world by working closely under Camilla and Christina Lehr, daughters of the well-renowned Henry Lehr. Both women have become my fashion icons: Camilla for her contemporary taste, muted color palate, and European sophistication, and Christina for her love of stripes and happy colors, as well as her incorporation of vintage pieces. Both women have the ability to make clothes look painfully cool, yet effortless at the same time.

Recently, I was named Social Media Director of Christina Lehr, and I have been getting my feet wet in the fashion world of Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to keeping my CollegeFashionista followers posted on upcoming college trends I see this summer in New York City.

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