Style Guru Bio: Molly Longest

Hi I'm Molly! I just finished up my freshman year at Purdue University where I'm ?majoring in Public Relations and Advertising and minoring in Art & Design and ?Entrepreneurship. My love for fashion goes way back to when I was preschooler ?and my mom started to let me pick out my own clothes. I was always creative and ?adventurous with my picks (just imagine plaids, mixed with stripes AND polka dots ?in every color of the rainbow). Though my outfit choices didn't always work out, ?I was never afraid to take fashion risks and I still live by that motto today. ?Fashion is all about thinking outside of the box and wearing a tube top as a ?skirt or a necklace as a headband. I love outfits that are unexpected and I tend ?to mismatch my clothes on purpose. Aside from fashion I love photography and ?taking my friends out for impromptu photo shoots, playing guitar, drawing, ?running, making jewelry, cooking (or attempting to), and spending some quality ?time with my friends and family and my Australian Shepherd named Toby (who is ?the cutest dog in the world, hands down). I hope you enjoy my posts and I'll try ?my best to bring you the most exciting fashion news and feature unique boutiques ?around the Indy area!


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