Style Guru Bio: Morgan Schneider

Growing up in a not-so-small Ohio town, my fashion senses never seemed to aline with the Hollister/Abercrombie crazed teens who surrounded me. Traveling, my first love, showed me what the big bad world had to offer, not only in ways of life, but in fashion. While my classmates were buzzing over the newest witty graphic tee sayings, I was glued to the pages of French and British Vogue, which depicted the ultra-chic ensembles I most related to. From cardigans to English-style riding boots, I am a self prescribed "prep," the crisp lines and put together outfits fool even my closets friends to believing I grew up in Connecticut or Massachusetts. If there is one thing I believe most about fashion is it needs to be personal. Trends come and go, but what makes you confidant enough to take on the world is what will always be in style.

"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style." – John Fairchild

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