Style Guru Bio: Patrick Butcher

No matter where life takes me, I will always be a southern-grandma-loving boy at heart. My name is Patrick Butcher, and I was born and raised in southern Louisiana. It is no surprise that moving to Washington D.C. was nothing short of a culture shock, but it was a good one at that. The melting pot of cultures at George Washington University alone made me rethink how I wanted to be represented in the hustle and bustle around me. Immersed in this diverse community, I find myself reinventing what I wear on a daily basis, because I, as most of us are, am still searching for a style that best represents myself.

I have always been interested in fashion, but that does not always mean I was good at it. My life in Louisiana could be encompassed by the image of a conservative, polo, khaki wearing boy. I am not trying to say it was bad, but I felt it did not represent myself as a person. Now, in D.C., I have really tried to build upon these conservative boundaries to find this lacking identity. I really wanted to explore what the fashion industry had to offer me. Of course there were some major failed attempts that had me running back to my dorm, but even with the embarrassment, hey, it was worth it.

Now when I approach the mirror, I can never quite pin point what is going on in my head. I honestly think that I say to myself, “Today I am going to be the GQ version of Bill Cosby in Rebel Without a Cause.” It is quite the conflict of interests, but that is what makes it fun. I believe fashion is an exploration that can help you better understand who you are. So if you look at me and say that I am the epitome of a southern boy lost in a city setting — great. Then, I’ll know I had left my room successfully.

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