Style Guru Bio: Rachelle Lasquite

My name is Rachelle Lasquite and I am one of your style gurus this coming semester for the University of Iowa. College Fashionista has given me a wonderful opportunity to write as a style guru this semester, my first step towards anything in the fashion world. To be honest, it has only been a few years since I have found a love for clothes. Throughout high school, my wardrobe consisted of sports jerseys and warm ups. It was not until a bad break up that I discovered an overwhelming obsession for fashion and beauty (Thanks, Megan!). After countless fashion faux pas over the years my style stays more on the conservative and polished side than anything. My staple items now include buttons downs, cardigans, and blazers; a huge upgrade from my past jock lifestyle, if I do say so myself.

I would like to go into the fashion industry after I graduate. If I had the chance, I would work for Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld as the head of their PR/Marketing department but I know that dream jobs like this do not appear on my doorstep. Coco Chanel, a pioneer entrepreneur and one of fashion’s most iconic designers once quoted that “elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.” Finally having a clear idea of what I would like to do as a career, I realize that even surviving in the fashion industry will take a lot of work. If I want to work for Marc Jacobs of Karl Lagerfeld, then I am going to have to work my way up the fashion ladder with hard work, perseverance, and infallible dedication.

College Fashionista is where it all begins. This is my first opportunity to use my skills and creativity and apply it to something I am so passionate about. So here it goes, beginning my journey into the world of fashion, one article at a time, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

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