Style Guru Bio: Robin Shapiro

Hi, my name is Robin Shapiro and I am a rising senior at GWU. Growing up in an incredible urban environment in Chicago, I would say my sense of style is greatly influenced by the place I grew up, and the places I have traveled subsequently. Last summer, I spent three months interning for a fashion company in New York City, only to be dazzled by the rapid and never-exhausting pace of the Big Apple. Then, after my first semester as a junior at GWU, I spent four months studying abroad in Paris and traveling around Europe, where I was inspired by a whole new realm of fashion. Each city I experienced opened my eyes to the importance of culture in different styles and trends. With the help of my time in New York, my greatest inspirations in fashion came to be Diane Kruger, and of course, Karl Lagerfeld. This summer, I will be working in New York City again, and cannot wait to fuse my new ideas with the excitement of the city all over again! 

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