Style Guru Bio: Sabrina Anderson

I am so glad to take part in such a wonderful website. First off, let me say farewell to the great Sarah Wienberg who did an excellent job as the Style Guru at San Diego State University. I am honored to take over as the new Style Guru of CollegeFashionista at San Diego State University.

Now to introduce myself a little bit; I am now a sophomore at SDSU. My major is Studio Art, which is a combination of painting, drawing, sculpting, illustrating and the like. My passion for fashion started when I was 13 and opened my first Nylon magazine. I got really inspired by the attitude and uniqueness of the art and fashion. Since then, my love has grown with intensity. I began modeling at 16 years-old as a hobby, and also set up my own minishoots for fun. I also have a love to sew and alter old useless pieces into wearable and unique items. I would say my style is a combination of boho and classical chic, with natural looking makeup. I like to look pulled-together, but also fearless and artsy. My favorite place to shop has always been thrift stores, even as a child. I love treasure hunting because you can find the most unique pieces there. I like to explore D.I.Y and sketching. Other hobbies include rummaging through random record shops, burying my nose is sweet smelling in old dusty novels, exploring styles of photography and eating chocolate while having deep intellectual conversations. Either young and trendy, or old and classy, fashion is fun, so pile it on!

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