Style Guru Bio: Sandie Habib

My name is Sandie. I am a junior at Fordham University studying Psychology and Business Administration. As a native New Yorker I have grown up watching all different types of people express themselves in all different types of clothing. This expression of personality through fashion is what has turned me into a fashion fanatic. I love watching people incorporate pieces of themselves in the way they look, and so Fashionistas, that means you.

To draw inspiration from the greats such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O would make me sound like every other girl, but they are the greats for a reason aren't they? I am big fan of the simplicity and elegance exhibited by these women in their clothing, with a modern business edge. I like to use my style to tell a story about myself. Since I'm always busy and on the go I love adding a structured piece to a girly outfit, especially anything floral. It shows both business and fun, something every girl should have. I believe that any outfit can be made with the addition of a beautiful scarf, sweater and headband to accentuate all looks. While I can go on and on about all the clothing designers I worship and lines, I have to say that without BCBG and Forever 21 I don't think I would be able to functionally style.

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