Style Guru Bio: Sara Abbasi

Greetings to you young, stylish, and superbly educated wonders.

It gives me the finest pleasure to serve you as Wheaton College's first Style Guru. I'm from a town just minutes from New York City–the notoriously wealthy Greenwich Connecticut. I've always been known for my “adventurous” and “extreme” style choices–but I find that my fashion sense stems from buying stylish, yet affordable alternatives to what my classmates wore in high school. In some cases, it meant having different a style all together, that I still felt confident in. This got me noticed–in a surprisingly great way. I always look for a unique twist on what's popular, or even what's considered ordinary. My favorite fall runway looks came from Celine, Balmain, Jil Sander and Isabel Marant, but I'm always a sucker for Chloé and Alexander Wang. My personal style definitely reflects my personality: a tad quirkier than your average fashion-loving gal.

Having taken weekend classes at Parson's School of Design for fashion throughout high school, I've always been incredibly interested in the industry. And along with fashion, my passions also lie in beauty. I strongly believe that beauty is an important part of personal style, and artistic expression. Known as “sarrbasi” on YouTube, I've created my own makeup tutorials for the fashion-conscious. In my videos, I create looks for those who want to wear runway beauty trends, and still compliment their outfits. I have had the honor of working for the renowned beauty blog, Into The Gloss, in New York City this past summer, and will be continuing from Massachusetts. I've also been lucky enough to work extensively as an intern at NYLON Magazine–it felt like a second home! Through my internships, I've had the pleasure of learning about the fashion industry from the inside.

This year I'll be in New York quite frequently to continue my work. I look forward to showing you all the other glamorous collegiate trendsetters I meet along the way! Now entering my second year at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, I'm also excited to show what our school has to offer College Fashionista's readers. For a school in the middle of nowhere, there are some impeccably dressed students here–and it's time they get noticed!


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