Style Guru Bio: Sarah Allen

My name is Sarah Allen, and I am a sophomore majoring in Journalism at The George Washington University. While CollegeFashionista is my first real fashion internship, I have always had a love affair with fashion and beauty, as well as writing, and one day hope to write for a magazine!

I have lived just outside of Manhattan my whole life and for years I have had a fascination with the fashion industry. Even when I couldn’t pinpoint a certain aspect of it that was so alluring, I knew I wanted to be part of such a world. I love to immerse myself in the latest magazines and don’t waver at ripping out pages with trends that I want to try or styles that I might want to incorporate into my wardrobe. I also scroll through numerous blogs, but can’t resist the feel of a magazine’s glossy pages.


My style has gone through an evolution. Although I have always been conscious of upcoming trends and am not afraid to try out a new look, I like to keep my style grounded in the philosophy that less is more. I am half European which has definitely influenced my style. I gravitate toward classic looking pieces that are infused with a touch of edginess. I tend to stick with basic colors like black and let accents be the pop of individuality! I also love the fine art of layering, whether it be sweaters and scarves in the winter or a great set of bangles and I never hesitate to mix gold and silver.

I have always idolized Chanel for it’s sophistication, effortlessness and glamour, and am often inspired but such qualities in an outfit. I have an online shopping addiction, and I can’t resist anything leopard, Parisian-inspired, studs or rose gold.

I am so excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista!

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