Style Guru Bio: Staci Eisenberg

My name is Staci Eisenberg, and I am a Journalism major, pursuing a degree in Public Relations and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Iowa.

My love affair with fashion began as early as pre-school. Every day I went to school in a dress that I effortlessly paired with tights, mini heels, and a bow. Needless to say, when my mom sent me to preschool in pants, I cried until my teacher had my mom rectify my fashion emergency.

While my feeling about pants has changed over the years, my love for fashion has remained constant.

My love for dresses expanded to skirts, my passion for tights now encompasses leggings, and my obsession with accessories goes far beyond bows.

Because of my passion for fashion, I can’t wait to capture all of you trendy fashionistas and fashionistos around campus.

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