Style Guru Bio: Symone Snowden-Wright

My name is Symone and I am a junior at Duke University. I am an English major and Markets and Management Certificate candidate. While I love the weather and slow-pace nature of North Carolina, I am a true and thorough-bred Chicagoan. My passion for reading and writing led me to pursue English as my major, but my first love will always be fashion. Fashion has shown me the importance of creativity and fearlessness. A unique sense of style is the easiest way to show your personality and individuality, and I aim to show the world who I am with every outfit I wear.

As for my style, there's no easy way to sum up how I dress. I'm undoubtedly influenced by trends; however, I try to add my own spin to things. Working at a boutique in Chicago and interning at a showroom in New York City definitely refined my tastes and enhanced my style in a number of positive ways. I love complementary colors and I think the small details are important – a nice watch, classic earrings, hand beading, etc. I may splurge on a big-ticket item occasionally, but most of the time I try to maximize my dollar as much as possible with great bargain finds.

This fall I am very excited to share the tips I've picked up over the years with all of you. Get ready for some insight on the fashion elite of Duke University!


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