Style Guru Bio: Tamara Feingold

As I prepare for college graduation, I can say that my proudest accomplishment of these three years of all-nighters, study groups, essay writing, and note taking, is that I never wore sweatpants to class. Not once. Why? Because journalist Tyler Brule wrote that sweatpants are a symbol of social decay- and he was right.

As a freshman in college I became so obsessed with Blair Waldorf that I purchased 20 satin bow headbands and took on the persona of a blazer wearing, leather purse toting queen bee, which was unfortunate for my friends. I still wear blazers, but my style is no longer an inadequate imitation of a Gossip Girl character. I’ve moved on to the world of thrift store binging, instead collecting vintage sheer tops, patterned skinny jeans, chunky scarves, and jewelry on the verge of the absurd.

I’m so looking forward to being a Style Guru for College Fashionista because despite those who claim University of Oregon style stops with rain jackets and umbrellas, this campus is secretly stuffed with stylistas breaking fashion boundaries. I’m excited to be a Style Guru because as I sit in Starbucks right now sipping my grande Pike Place roast, I see a girl wearing an asymmetrical black sheer maxi dress with a destroyed denim jacket and six-inch glitter encrusted platform heels and I get to show all of you.

So before you jump to conclusions about my fellow Oregonians, peruse a few of my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK entries and appreciate the pieces of these fearless Fashionistas and Fashionistos who say no to sweatpants and yes to style.

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