Style Guru Bio: Theodora Liakos

Hello Fashionistas!  I’m Theodora, your newest Style Guru. I am currently studying fashion retail management at Columbia College, and come the end of this summer will have a degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management.  My passion for fashion began early on in elementary school.  As a young girl, I loved sketching anything from dresses to shoes, and in high school I took all the sewing classes I could possibly squeeze in during those four short years.

Growing up in the north suburbs of Chicago, I have been lucky enough to draw inspiration from both the city and suburbs, as they can be very different.  Having fun with what you’re wearing is very important in creating a sense of style.  As for my style, it is always evolving.  I do however enjoy mixing soft elements with hard ones, and always accessorizing.  And I can confidently say I have an obsession with shoes.

My style advice? Always dress for YOUR body shape!  Over the years, I have learned how important that is, and what a (positive) difference it can make.

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