Style Guru Bio: Tommy Dorfman

When it comes to fashion, there are people who never fail to inspire me. Thom Browne, Phillip Lim, James Dean, and Raf Simons are just a few off the top of my head. Their aesthetics are unique, and they all design or wear clothes that define a whole entire lifestyle, not just a seasonal trend. These are my mentors, the guys I’ve grown following, and could only dream of collaborating with in the future (I know, James Dean is dead, but I can dream big, can’t I?!).

My name is Tommy Dorfman, in case the title didn’t give that one away. I’m a 20 year old student, getting my BA in Theater Performance at Fordham University. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to New York two years ago to pursue a career in film and fashion. Since being here I’ve gotten the chance to perform as well as intern for designers, such as Timo Weiland, and am currently an editorial intern at Refinery29. As you can see, I have two strong passions, but my goal over the next couple of years is to find a middle-ground between the two.

My sense of style varies from day to day, but I believe it’s unique to me. I love a mix of high-end  and vintage, and as a college student I’m learning more and more about the importance of finding a good deal. On a given day you can find me rocking anything from four-inch heel boots to converse, Helmut Lang to my ex’s flannel shirt I never gave back. Fashion for me is about ease and comfort, not the latest trend, and most importantly confidence. I also try my hardest to have no regrets when it comes to dressing, and let myself constantly be inspired – whether by street style, other bloggers, or most often film and costume design.

I’m really excited to start this journey into the world of street style, and even more so to shed light and focus on the boys of my school because so many of them have their own distinct style that deserves to be recognized.



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