Style Guru Bio: Tyler Confoy

Over the past year, I’ve really questioned how important fashion is to me. I can definitely say that exposure to new subjects has oftentimes pulled my attention elsewhere. I suppose that’s to be expected in college. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is my dedication to personal style.

I have found that I really can’t leave my dorm without paying some attention to what I’m wearing. Whether I’m putting on comfortable sweat pants or going to a costume party, I always seem to have fashion in the back of my mind.

It’s also a way to de-stress. I’ve always loved school and I’d definitely rather be busy than not, but sometimes I need something to ground me — and that’s what fashion does. It allows me to know that no matter which subject I’m studying for or what topic I’m infatuated with at the moment, style just doesn’t go away. It is something that I will always inherently care about. It’s still natural for me to study a person’s outfit the moment I see them — that will probably (and perhaps unfortunately) never change. But I’ve learned to balance my love for fashion with my desire to learn new things, and I’m glad to be where I’m at.

Anyway, I am now a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’m studying Journalism and still looking for a double major, which is difficult since I’m so indecisive! As for my personal style, I’m really interested in staple pieces that I can wear repeatedly in appealing ways. I’ve become more intrigued with simple patterns and fitted apparel. Also, I still swoon when I see a well-dressed boy. 

I really look forward to this upcoming year. I’m sure it will bring with it many new Fashionista/os from whom to draw inspiration. I’ve witnessed tons of stylish students already this semester! Oh, and finally, I really cannot wait for autumn. I miss my boots.

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