Style Guru Bio: Vivian Chong

Hi, my name is Vivian and I’ll be writing as a Style Guru for the University of Toronto. This year I’ll be starting my sophomore year studying English and Art History. While I loved writing the summer Style Advice of the Week column, I most definitely can’t wait for the fall! Personally, my favorite season for fashion is fall as it allows infinite possibilities for outfits. Fashion along with traveling, food, art, and design are just some of the many things that consume my life and living in the city has opened up many opportunities for new finds and adventures.

Living in Canada, it’s no surprise that knit sweaters and tights have become my go-to pieces, but overall my look is quite simple and neutral. Over the years I’ve gone through my fair share of following trends and impulse shopping, so I’m happy to say that my attempts in rebuilding my closet are coming together. Putting together a wardrobe of key fashion staples, unique pieces, and the occasional trends have proven to be the perfect combination for me. Having key staples are essential and end up saving you a lot of time and money as they can be mixed to create many outfits. While I love dressing up, I hope to aim for a kind of effortlessness in what I'm wearing.

I love the sense of confidence fashion gives you and how unique everyone’s individual fashion sense can be. I look forward to showcasing new Fashionistas/os every week as I write the Style Advice column this fall!

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