Style Guru Bio: Yasmeen Gharnit

My name is Yasmeen Gharnit and I am a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Magazine Journalism. I am so excited to write for CollegeFashionista because I will finally be able to combine my passions for fashion and writing. I am also an avid people-watcher and I am known to stop my fellow students on the Commonwealth Avenue to talk about their outfits, so be sure to check out my FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT column every Wednesday!

My personal style has evolved throughout the years and has helped me feel secure about myself. Fashion is so powerful because it is an exterior display of a person’s identity. It is a part of everyone’s daily lives; except if you live in a nudist colony, I suppose. Us CollegeFashionistas and Fashionistos are so exciting because, while we are finally growing into our personal styles, we are not afraid to experiment with different styles.

If I had to describe my style, I would use the phrase “confused-chic,” which I am pretty sure I just made up. I love to mix conflicting styles and fabrics together, whether it be wearing a conservative shift dress with a leather jacket and black patent Dr. Martens or a chiffon shirt with a wool skirt and a knit scarf. Fashion is all about taking risks, after all! I also secretly love my bad habits of never doing my hair and carelessly doing my makeup in the dark before running to class because it adds an element of effortlessness.

I aspire to become editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine, like Nylon or Elle, then eventually create my own magazine empire, á la Condé Nast and Hearst. Oh, and I would love to be one of Marc Jacob’s muses. That’s not asking too much, is it?

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