Style Guru Bio: Yasmeen Gharnit

I was trying to think of a less boring way to introduce myself rather than just saying, “My name is Yasmeen Gharnit and I am a rising junior studying Magazine Journalism at Boston University,” but I guess I just blew that, didn’t I…

I last described my style as “confused chic.” It still is, as confusion is a large part of my personality. Not in a bad way, but more in the sense that I like to throw different ideas (and clothing) together to see what happens. This idea has been truer than ever so far this summer. If this pattern continues, Lord help me come August.

Although you may not have noticed this in my previous posts, I have an inherent disdain for trends. It is pivotal that I, an aspiring fashion journalist, know and recognize the current trends, but that doesn’t mean I have to believe in them. If you like a certain style that happens to be trending, then you should wear it, but you should not by any means wear collared button-ups if you don’t. Personal style should be personal after all.

Not much has changed since my last bio: my life goal is still to run my own magazine empire and I would still love to be Marc Jacobs’s muse, of course. But here are some updates: I have a more-than-slight Altuzarra infatuation and I am spending the summer in New York City. Check back every Wednesday to see how this all works out (and cross your fingers so that it does!).

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